Teodor Terziev
Teodor Terziev

2003 - 2007 University degree

Bachelor Psychology

2011 Hypnosis

Bulgarian Association For Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

2011 Hypnosis

Started Private Practice as Hypnotherapist

2011 - ∞ Analytical Psychology

Analytical Psychotherapist

2012 NLP Bulgaria

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

2014 - ∞ University degree

Psychology NBU

2015 Robert Shields College

Clinical Hypnotherapy

2016 Classical Hypnosis

Bulgarian Association For Hypnosis

2022 Internship

Intern in CPZ Sofia - psychiatry

In 2003 I started my education as a Psychologist in Kiivs’kij Slavisticnij Universitet. Didn’t learn much about psychology or psychotherapy but anyway they were good student life years. At some point this education killed my curiosity in psychology. 
Thanks God later in 2011 I started examining hypnosis and turns out that what I’ve learned in the university is not what a real psychotherapist should deal with or at least not full truth.
After I finished my education in hypnosis and hypnotherapy I started my private practice. The reality have shown me that hypnosis is not always the right tool to use and I needed to go deeper. You can read more about my transition from hypnosis to analytical psychology in my blog post here.
In 2011 I stared my education at Bulgarian Society of Analytical Psychology C. G. Jung. It is long journey and it still continues. Currently I can work as Jungian psychotherapist under supervision. 
Over the years later I continued to educate myself in the field of hypnosis participating in several courses, seminars, events, etc. 
In 2014 I started another journey in New Bulgarian University to study psychology again. They are great teachers there in the field of the classical Freudian psychoanalysis. I still didn’t finish my education there because I was really interested in the subjects on psychoanalysis and I ignored almost everything else.
In 2022 I started internship in CPZ Sofia – a psychiatry clinic which manages patients form Sofia Province. CPZ Sofia has a program for drug addicted people as well as hospital for mentally ill people. I had the chance to work with people with huge variety of problems – from heroin addiction to severe psychosis.
Currently my plans are to continue my education until I reach the point to lead my own courses in the university. Meanwhile I will continue my private practice as much as I can.