Teodor Terziev
Teodor Terziev


Dantek Ltd Software Developer


Mirchev Ideas Software Developer


E-Card LTD Senior Software Developer and Team Lead


I-Cover Europe Senior Software Developer


Intracol Technologies Senior Software Developer


Acronis Bulgaria - Senior Software Developer

You can read more about my early experience with computer technologies in this post.


In 2006 I started my career as a software developer in one disastrous company as it has to be expected for a first try in the big game. I started as a PHP developer but quickly realized PHP is not a programming language at all. Then I started learning Java from the classic books by Bruce Eckel – “Thinking in Java”.


Didn’t manage to find my path through Java world but I am not really sorry about that. Java was later obtained by Oracle and I was and still am big fan of the open source idea even nowadays it looks distorted.


The best I managed to do is to start writing in Perl and dreaming of career in C/C++ world. Things in the company I worked at that time became really rough and I decided to take more care about my career as a psychologist. That is how I returned back to PHP but it didn’t last long.


A bit disappointed from psychotherapeutic societies in Bulgaria and a bit inspired by Mr. Robot movie I decided to get back on track and start some course about algorithms. After that course I was presented to another company which was doing Big Data processing. So I got in touch with Java and Python and was somehow cool that I managed to escape from PHP world.


It was still not enough for me and I decided to move even further and started in Cyber Security company. I am still there and I had the chance to write in C/C++ for Linux. Even I contributed once with a small fix for a kernel module. At some point I think this is the most I can achieve as a software developer and should retire soon.