Teodor Terziev
Teodor Terziev

From Hypnosis to Jungian Psychotherapy

I started my first graduation is psychology more like a joke and without professional interests in the field. It was my way to escape from Russe town and come to live in Sofia.

My university education wasn’t very inspiring (mostly cognitive behaviorism stuff) and I found myself working something completely different.

Later on I started reading some esoteric and religious books and this somehow put me back on the psychologist track. I was exhausted from my day job and committed to a course where we studied hypnosis and hypnotherapy. The course was really inspiring and they were preparing us not only with theoretical data and hypnosis practice but also they were preparing us how to become a real therapist and start working with people. The lectors were very encouraging to start working with other humans immediately. So this gave me the first kick off and soon I found myself in my cabinet booking hours for clients.

As this was supposed to be just a hypnosis I thought my cases won’t be that hard. More like self improvement stuff – getting rid of smoking or other bad habits. Anyway it turns out that I had really hard to deal with cases like deep depression, psychotic disorders (where hypnosis can’t apply) and others which were not completely suitable for hypnosis treatment.

That let me the idea that I should go deeper and not in the field of hypnotherapy but depth psychology and psychotherapy. This is how my journey to Jungian psychotherapy had started.

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