Teodor Terziev
Teodor Terziev

First steps into the world of technology

I have started dealing with PCs when I was just 6 or 7 years old. I tried some games on my father’s work PC in his office. Those times they were huge PCs with green/black screens and it takes lots of effort to even boot them from a floppy diskette with DOS operating system.

Pravets 16 E/ES

After I was impressed by possibility to drive Formula 1 on those strange boxes I started immediately to cry for a home PC.

My parents weren’t happy with the idea but my grandfather somehow convinced them and will all my savings and additional money from him or them I got my first personal computer.

The town that we lived was famous technical town where they assembled their own PCs called Pravets (like the town itself). Because of this I have several friends which also had PCs at home. Those days it was really something very extraordinary to have such technology at home.

So we found ourselves exchanging diskettes with games, recording diskettes from one another and dealing with technical troubles.

Those were my first interactions with the magic inside the huge, noisy box.

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