Teodor Terziev
Teodor Terziev

Early steps in startups

In the beginning of 2020 Kovid pandemic has started. I was pushed to do what was desired from really long time – working completely from home. So instead of wasting time with stupid conversations with colleagues while smoking near the office I started wasting even more time for reading books during the workday.

Don’t know how exactly it happened but I started thinking about developing my own startup. Later on I contacted two of my old colleagues from a company where I’ve worked before. I presented them my idea of building something like real estate investments advisor. Pretty simple idea – scrape real estate offerings, calculate ROI and send the best opportunities to the subscriber.

Unfortunately my colleagues didn’t show enough passion and were performing bad which causes me to do almost all the work by myself. I decided to break this relation I continued by myself. I lost the enthusiasm as well and decided to very quick test and fail the idea. And I did it! The idea failed but most probably because I wanted to get rid of it.

Anyway I made good contacts with very nice guys during my startup development and they introduced me to another startup (it was in March 2021) called WHISP where currently I am a CTO and almost a cofounder – still don’t have enough shares to call myself a full cofounder.

Meanwhile I am testing several different ideas because at the time of writing this the future of WHISP is still under question.

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